Dear Fan,

This support site gives you information about your game activation system. Whether you face a problem to activate the game or you need more details about the system, you should find the information you need on this site.

The system respects your privacy. No personal information is collected and sent anywhere to activate the game.
The system does not prevent you from playing, installing, de-installing and re-installing your game.

Activation Guideline :
Your game is activated online at the end of the installation. During the installation an active internet connection is required.
Your game serial, found on the back of the game manual, is in the following format:


Please verify you have typed the serial code correctly in the game activation dialog.

How to manually activate your game
If you cannot activate your game online, you can manually activate your game. The following paragraphs provide step-by-step instructions on how to quickly and easily activate:

STEP 1: Enter Serial and Unlock Request Code
Enter your Serial and Unlock Request Code in the appropriate text boxes below and hit the "Generate Unlock Code" button. Make sure you include the dashes ("-") and enter the codes correctly, as explained in the paragraph above

How to find Serial and Unlock Request Code

Please type in your Serial:

Please type in your Unlock Request Code:


STEP 2: Activate with the Unlock Code
Use the Unlock Code received in Step 1 above to unlock your game. To enter the Unlock code, first click on the "Activate Manually" button within the game on your computer (see below):

activation failed

Enter or "copy-and-paste" the Unlock Code obtained in Step 1 above and press the "Next" button to complete the activation process (example below).

activation failed

If you are still not able to activate your game, please contact %20activation%20issue&Body=Description%20of%20the%20Issue%3A%0D%0A%0D%0AGame%20Serial%3A%0D%0AUnlock%20Request%20Code%3A"> and provide a detailed description of the issue you're experiencing.

Revoking the activation is important to reset the full activation rights and allow you to install the game on another computer or sell it. Therefore you can download and run a revocation tool from this site.
Further information about revocation can be found here.

Revocation tool :
This tool can be used to revoke the license installed on your computer.
Please download the revocation tool here.

Warning :
Revocation problems can be caused by a change in hardware components on the system.
If this happens, then it is recommended to install the old hardware, revoke and then install the new hardware.