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Welcome, Grand Theft Auto IV Fan!

This support site provides information about GRAND THEFT AUTO IV PC. Here you will find information regarding game activation, revoking a previous activation, and further details and support regarding this system.

If you need help for any of the topics listed below, please click on the LINK provided in each section below.

Offline 'Date Check and Product Activation' Guide

  1. If you DO NOT have an Internet connection on the PC where you installed GTA IV, you will need to perform a 'Manual Activation', and possibly an offline 'Date Check' to activate your game. Please click on this HERE for more information on topic

Manual 'Product Activation' Guide

  1. If you DO have an internet connection, and are experiencing issues activating GTA IV on your PC, please click HERE for more information on this topic

Manual 'Product Revocation' Guide

  1. If you want to revoke a 'Product Activation' for a particular installation of GTA IV, please click HERE for more information on this topic; for digital download copies of GTA IV PC, you may need to do perform a 'Revocation' in order to install the game on additional machines

SecuROM 'Component Information' and 'Removal Process' Guide

  1. If you would like more info about what SecuROM components are installed on your machine and how to remove them, if necessary, please click HERE for more information on this topic.

Additional Support Info

  1. If you have any further questions or issues regarding SecuROM components and functionality that are not addressed on this support site, please contact and provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.
  2. For all other questions or issues regarding Grand Theft Auto PC that are not related to SecuROM components or functionality, please visit the official Rockstar Games Support Site at