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Welcome to the 'SecuROM Component Information' and 'Removal Process' Guide

SecuROM™ is a library of information and files integrated into the Grand Theft Auto IV PC program. A normal uninstall of GTAIV will remove SecuROM™ related components other than DRM license components. This allows you to reinstall Grand Theft Auto IV PC without re-entering your product’s serial number.

If you want to remove Grand Theft Auto IV and related SecuROM™ DRM, please use the integrated Grand Theft Auto IV uninstall feature and then use the SecuROM™ uninstall tool located HERE. If you follow these instructions, Grand Theft Auto and all components of SecuROM™ (including registry keys) will be deleted from your computer.

If you cannot or have not used the integrated Grand Theft Auto IV uninstall feature to remove Grand Theft Auto IV, use of the SecuROM™ Uninstall tool will not remove all components of SecuROM™. In that event, please run the SecuROM™ Uninstall tool and contact SecuROM™ support at for details on removing the additional components.

Removing SecuROM™ by uninstalling GTA IV may not remove SecuROM™ files for other programs using SecuROM™. Each of those programs must be uninstalled separately.

If you would like more info about what SecuROM components are installed on your machine please click HERE for more information.

Further information about SecuROM™ can be found HERE.