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With the e-mail form below you can get in touch with the support team.
For questions regarding online activation of an application (SecuROM™ Product Activation) please use the Product Activation contact form.

Please carefully fill out all of the fields to ensure proper handling by the support team and a fast turnaround time.

If the fields are not filled in properly, it might take the support team longer to help you. If you have already contacted us and got an e-mail linking to this website, please reply to the e-mail you've received including the ticketnumber in the subject. In this case, please do not use the contact form below, but directly answer to the autoresponder e-mail.

We appreciate correspondence in English.

Important: Please always archive your attachment, e.g. with WinRAR or WinZIP. You can also insert several files into one archive.

Contact form

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Important: For activation or revokation questions please include the Serial Number and the Unlock Request Code.

Important: Please always attach an analysis file.
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