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Our number one goal is to provide you with a resolution to your support issue as quickly as possible. We have included a list of our popular titles and FAQs about SecuROM™. If the provided information in these sections does not help to resolve your issue, please visit the contact section at the bottom of this page.

What is SecuROM™?
SecuROM™ is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) ...
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I can't activate/revoke my program, what can I do?
To activate/revoke your program ...
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I can't start my program, what can I do?
Please perform the following steps ...
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How do I remove SecuROM™ from my machine?
To remove SecuROM™ related files please ...
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The SecuROM™ support is here to help you!

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If you get an SecuROM™ related issue during the startup of your game/application, you can download the SecuROM™ Diagnostics Tool to help you solve it.

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New Diagnostic Tool

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