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Welcome to the 'Revocation' guide for GTA: Episodes From Liberty City PC:

Revoking an activation is important to reset the full activation rights and allow you to install the game on another computer or sell it. It is also important to revoke your current activation BEFORE making changes to the hardware components on your computer system.

The revocation of the serial is done automatically during the de-installation process.

However, if you decided not to revoke your license when the option is displayed, you can still do it later by re-installing and de-installing your game or you can download and run the revocation tool from this site.

Revocation Tool:

Please use this tool if...

  1. You have decided to bypass the revocation process during de-installation
  2. You did not have an Internet connection during de-installation, as the license has not been revoked from your computer
  3. You're not going to re-install the game
  4. You want to revoke a license without uninstalling the game

Right-Click HERE and click 'Save' option to download file

To use the tool, please follow these steps:

  1. Extract the '' archive
  2. Launch GTAEFLC_revoke.exe
  3. Click on 'Revoke activation manually'

  4. revoke manually

  5. Copy your revocation code as displayed below:

  6. copy revoke code

  7. Enter your activation code and your revocation code into the boxes below:
  8. Please type in your Serial:

    Please enter your Revokecode:


  9. Click on the 'Revoke Activation' button (above right) to complete the process

Warning: Revocation problems can be caused by a change in hardware components on the system. If this occurs, it is recommended to install the old hardware, revoke and then install the new hardware.

If you have any further questions or issues regarding SecuROM components and functionality that are not addressed on this support site, please contact and provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.

For all other questions or issues regarding Grand Theft Auto PC that are not related to SecuROM components or functionality, please visit the official Rockstar Games Support Site at