Borderlands Manual Release Date Check

If you do not have a internet connection during installation, or the activation during the installation fails, please use this form to activate your game.

Upload the Activation Request file (ActivationRequest.dfa) and enter the security code in the appropriate boxes below and hit the "Submit" button (further instructions below - expand with "+").

Manually activate your software with the generated License file (ActivationResponse.lic), see further instructions below.

Please upload your ActivationRequest.dfa file:

Please upload your ActivationRequest.dfa file:

Expand How to find the Activation Request file (ActivationRequest.dfa)

Collapse How to manually activate your software with the License file?

1) After inserting the path to the ActivationRequest.dfa file and the Security Code above you have to save the License file (ActivationResponse.lic) on your PC (e.g. your "Desktop") after clicking the "Submit" button.
2) Switch back to the Manual Activation dialog and press the "Open..." button.
Manual activation 4

3) Select the path to the ActivationResponse.lic and press the "Activate" button.
4) Your application is now activated, press the "Next >" button to launch the application.

If you are still unable to activate your application, please send the ActivationRequest.dfa file to and we will respond as soon as possible.